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Year 1 Blog

Year 1 Blog

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  • Intra-Sports

    Published 16/10/17

    Tuesday, 10th October

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  • The Rabbit ProblemĀ 

    Published 08/10/17

    Derek has been found at last! 

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  • Sports Day

    Published 14/07/17

    Year 1 and 2 Sports Day

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 16/06/17

    Year 1's African Safari

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  • Katie Morag

    Published 12/05/17

    We have been looking at these stories in Explore this half-term.

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  • British Science Week

    Published 17/03/17

    At Paddox we have been taking part in National Science week, carrying out some interesting investigations. Year 1 have been thinking about how we could tell the wind's direction and whether we could work out the force or speed of the wind.

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  • The Great Fire of London

    Published 17/02/17

    Look at what we made!

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  • Investigating Liquids

    Published 16/02/17

    How long will it take for the marble to reach the bottom of the cup?

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  • The 500 Word Challenge

    Published 10/02/17

    On Wednesday Paddox school took part in the 500 word challenge.

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  • 3D Shapes

    Published 30/01/17

    2D or 3D?

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