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Year 3 Blog

Year 3 Blog

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  • What a busy week!

    Published 16/06/17

    Any ideas what's going on here ? (See below for the answer).

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  • Muscling in!

    Published 12/05/17

    Ava showing off her muscles !

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  • Magnetic Magic!`

    Published 05/05/17

    We conducted an experiment to discover the strength of different magnets. We used a variety of magnets and a ruler to reach our conclusion. The bar magnet was the winner!

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  • Welcome to the Stone Age

    Published 28/04/17

    These are the books we'll be using this half term.

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  • Pollination

    Published 24/03/17

    Evie pretending to be a bee

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  • Creating our own canal art

    Published 10/03/17

    Our amazing canal art!

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  • Rugby School

    Published 03/03/17

    Racing across Rugby's famous pitch

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  • Canal life

    Published 17/02/17

    Mrs Lee giving her presentation to Year 3 pupils

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  • Prayer Spaces

    Published 10/02/17

    Reflecting on caring for others

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  • Science Dome

    Published 03/02/17

    Whirlpool Galaxy as seen from our school hall!

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