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Summer is here but the weather certainly isnt!

Hello and welcome back to the Reception blog. We have been absent for a while and apologise, it has been a very busy term in Reception and we have been spending a lot of time learning all about 'People who help us' and have now moved on to our new topic of 'All around the world'.

During our 'People who help us topic' we had some very exciting visitors. Miss Merrick's contacts gave us the chance to meet two of Rugby's Armed Response Police Officers, who brought their patrol car and let the children see all of their crime fighting gadgets. We also had visits from the local Fire Department and the children enjoyed learning all about what firefighters have to do on a day to day basis and they loved getting to spray one of the fire hoses!

In addition to local services, we had visits from a barber, a dentist and Mrs Le Poidevin!

Now for our 'All around the world' topic we are looking at where people travel and why. So if you have any holiday photos or old blank postcards, please feel free to send them into school so the children can use them for topic writing and role play.