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Paddox Primary School

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Hello and welcome to another Reception blog. This week we will be talking about phonics! Your children are trying really hard to learn their new sounds (phonemes) and are working even harder at writing them down (graphemes). It is lovely to see that lots of you are practising at home with the sound cards, remember that we send these home on Friday with new books. It is very important that they are returned so that we can add new sounds on!

As always your children are working hard to show us their best and are enjoying exploring the classrooms and outdoor area. Our work on numbers is proving to be fun and exciting too, we have been looking at finding numbers and playing number based games in our outdoor zone. We have been looking at counting carefully by moving and touching concrete objects such as Numicon, Multilink and counting strings.

Afternoons have been all about feelings this week. We have discussed what feelings are, how they can affect us and have gone into depth about what we can do if we have feelings that stop us from feeling like ourselves. We explored some lovely texts such as ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and ‘Perfectly Norman’ which really help explain feelings and what to do if you ever feel like they are becoming too much!