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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


We can't mention the Christmas....word...oops

We are back into the full swing of this half term and have been counting and writing as you will have seen in our previous blogs. This week children are attempting to write more birthday lists but without the aid of word mats!!! Scary stuff! Children are listening for the sounds they can hear in words and trying to think of how to form the words. The brain cogs are turning and mental fires are burning away! It is lovely to see how well the children are applying their phonic knowledge and really giving it their all. We would like to encourage you once again to keep revising the sound cards we send home on Friday as this is key to helping your child's phonic knowledge continue to grow and secure in their minds.

Oh and we may have started the Nativity practice, but its still November so ssshhhhhh!