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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Protective Behaviours

We have been learning all about feeling safe this week.

This week we have been learning all about feeling safe and how we can keep ourselves safe. We discussed where we feel safe, for example it might be at home with our families or at the park. We also discussed what other feelings we have when we feel safe; this included feeling happy, excited and 'lovely'! We decided on our own hugging rules and thought about who we like hugs from and when. We discussed how if we don't feel safe we get our 'Early Warning Signs' which is when our bodies tell us that we are worried or scared of something. We all get different 'Early Warning Signs' but some of the ones we talked about were;a wobbly tummy, needing the toilet, your heart beating faster, and getting 'jelly' legs! We also discussed how sometimes we get these feelings when we go on a big slide or swing or run really fast downhill. These are times where it is 'fun to feel scared'!

Don't forget to have look at the Protective Behaviours booklet and magazine we sent home a few weeks ago, as these have more information in them!