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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


Designing homes and telling the weather forecast... doubling, halving and tricky word challenges! A busy few weeks! 

Over the past two weeks we have been developing our geographical skills as we have been finding out about homes and weather around the world. The children learnt about different types of homes and how they are made for certain climates, they all had a go at designing their own home for different climates. We had designs of houses on stilts, adobe homes and homes on water, to name a few! We also explored various climates around the world and found out about lots of different weather types, the children loved having a go at telling their own weather forecasts and creating posters showing ideas for how we can help save the planet. During our busy learning time, lots of the children created their own wind sock; they made their design, rolled up the paper to make a tube and then stuck on lots of streamers of tissue paper.

In English, the children have had a go at a tricky word challenge! We have been amazed at how well they have been able to write tricky words from memory, well done Reception. Linking back to our weather topic, the children also did some independent writing about the weather, with an aim to include adjectives in their writing. I think we definitely have some weather forecasters in the making! 😊

We have focussed on doubling and halving in maths over the past few weeks. The children have been using concrete resources to practise doubling amounts of objects and they used ladybirds to draw on double the number of dots for the ladybirds that had missing dots on their wings! We found out how to halve different amounts of objects by using two hoops so that we could share them equally. All of the teachers in Reception are so impressed with how well the children have understood doubling and halving which we are sure will help them with our odd and even number focus next week. 

Another great few weeks, well done Reception!