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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


The wonderful world of EYFS

Hello! Welcome to the first post of the new academic year. Your reception children are settling in well and have had a fantastic time exploring their new classrooms and day to day areas. Your children have been quick to settle into their new routines and have dived head first into learning all about numeracy and phonics.

In numeracy we have started with a clear focus on number so that your children are confident in recognising what numbers look like in both their written and concrete forms. In addition to this, we are also learning our days of the week and discussing what the weather is like. As you can imagine the closer we get to Winter the more consistenly grey our discussions will be, so its been fantastic to discuss warmer and more welcome weather!

Phonics has started well with children learning the 's' sound and 'a' sound. Our rooms don't yet sound like a choir of angels is present, but every child is giving their all when we sing our Jolly Phonics songs (all of which are on youtube in case you want to play these at home).