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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


Another busy week at Paddox!

Reception is going very well and all of your little ones are soaking up as much knowledge as they can. Wriggling on the carpet is receding and hands up with turn taking is coming into fashion. 

We have had another lovely week of Phonics where your children have enjoyed learning about, hearing and singing the sounds 't' and 'p' even if some our teachers forget the correct tune from now and then! Remember when you're out and about to ask your children which sounds they have been learning about, so that you can sound hunt with your children, this is normally quite easy in the supermarket as each aisle will lend itself to an array of new sounds. 

In Numeracy we have focused directly on numbers 1-5 so that your children can have a clear understanding of how we address number, this will set the foundation for their expectations in how we teach at Paddox. This has looked at what 1-5 looks like, can be made from and how it is formed. Some very child friendly counting videos can be found on youtube under an educational broadcasting team called "Pink Fong".