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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

26 January 2018

Wild animals at Paddox!

It has been a busy few weeks since we returned from our Christmas holidays. Reception have been working incredibly hard; practising their phonemes and digraphs, counting up to 20 and learning all about writing amazing High 5 sentences.

Our Spring topic, All Creatures Great and Small has taken off with a roaring success. Your children love learning about all the different animals of the world and where they live. Each week our focus shifts to a different classification of animal, so we never get bored. Reception's vivid interest in animals has given way to some fantastic writing, your children are continuing to amaze us in just how much they know and how much they can do in just one week! Capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces are all falling into the right place, along with phonetical spellings and sentences that make sense.

In Numeracy, we have been looking at counting up to 20. Tackling those teen numbers proved challenging to begin with, but with the help of a catchy tune, we've all made our way up to 20! Repeptition has been key here, so feel free to practice at home!