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Paddox Primary School

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Pets, pets and more pets! This week has been centred all around some of the nation's favourite animals and the timeless and classic companion of man: The dog! We have been learning all about different pets and discussing how we might look after them. We have been very lucky to have 3 special dog guests across the week who came into class to visit reception. Your children were fantastic and asking lots of different questions, putting the dogs and their owners to the test!

Our writing focus consolodated last weeks wild animals alongside pets, through the story of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Your children have told us all about the different types of pets they would like and have been explaining their reasons as to why they would like their chosen pet. Apologies in advance, if your child now wants a dog, lion or any other exotic animal. 

In Numeracy we have been looking at data handling. We have spent lots of time asking people different questions such as what is your: favourite colour, favourite food, favourite superhero etc. The children have been fantastic at recording the information they have found in a vairety of ways and they have been very engaged in this topic. 

PLEASE REMEMEBER: Come and learn is on Monday the 5th February at 2:30pm.