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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Thank you!

It has been lovely this week to see such a high turn out of parents at our Mothers Day service. Although the children may have made your day with their artistic portrayal of you, you defintely helped make their day by coming along. In addition to this, thank you for a very successful round of parent meetings. It has been lovely to see you all and discuss your child's progress and if you have any further comments or queries please feel free to contact us. 

Your children have been working very hard this week making their mothers day cards and writing exciting sentences about where they would love to take their very own bucketful of dinosaurs. In numeracy your children have been finding all the different ways to make 10 using fingers, multilink cubes and numicon. 

Please continue to work hard with your children and ask them about their day to day activities. Any additional work you do at home goes further than you know and helps support us and your children on their journey.