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Our School Trip

On Thursday, Reception went on their very first school trip to Ryton Organic Gardens. It was the first time on a double decker bus for some of us so it was very exciting! When we got there, we had three activities that we needed to complete. First, we had to pot some sugar pea seeds and had to make our own pot using newspaper. We had fun rolling the paper up around yoghurt pots and carefully using a trowel to put the soil in.

Next, we went on a guided walk around the gardens led by Mrs Duerden. We  looked carefully for minibeasts and even collected some to have a closer look at. An earwig, a snail and a millipede were among the creepy crawlies we found.

For lunch we had a huge picnic all together in the beautiful sunshine. We then enjoyed a game of 'duck,duck, goose' on the field. It was then time for our final activity - a treasure hunt in the gardens. We had to find various items, including something shiny, something hard, a feather, a stick and a leaf.  Once we had finished, we all met back up again for our return journey on the bus complete with some very tired children. We all had a great day and we hope your children have told you all about it!