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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Busy busy busy!

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We have been working hard learning all about SATPINM and your children have had a fantastic time making lots of interesting words. We have been using single sounds and blending them to make these interesting words. Also we have learnt our first tricky word 'the'. A tricky word doesn't follow phonetical rules and just has to be learnt on sight, remember don't get caught out by those tricky words!

In Numeracy, we have been looking at numbers 1-10 and finding lots of different ways of showing this. We have also spent time ordering numbers correctly and counting up and down to 10.

Also over the past two weeks, EYFS have been working very hard in PE as Catkins and Conkers have won the KS1 prize of Mr Print by getting the most treasure in Mrs Knight's chest. In addition to this, Catkins also won the School Attendance Matters mascot Sam! 

I think its fair to say that EYFS have had a great few weeks, lets keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Paddox EYFS Team.