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  • Odd Socks Day!

    Published 16/11/22

    Year 1 loved wearing their odd socks to show their support for the start of Anti Bullying Week! Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun where children are able to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. "Be proud of who you are and be accepting of one another..."

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  • Frozen Adventure!

    Published 03/11/22

    A mysterious bag appeared in our classrooms this week! We rummaged through the mysterious bag to find lots of winter wear, tinned food and a cuddly penguin. Lots of questions were asked - where has the bag come from? Why is it here? At the bottom of the bag we found a note - "Would you like to come on an expedition to the South Pole......?"

    Of course we said..................YES!!!

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  • We love Science!

    Published 26/09/22

    Year 1 have been loving Science so far! We had so much fun labelling different parts of our bodies as part of our topic Animals including Humans. We even learnt tricky body parts such as our shins, calves and thighs! 

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  • Welcome to Year 1

    Published 22/09/22

    The children have had a great start to Year 1. They have settled in well, and have done a fantastic job following instructions and getting stuck in with hard work! We spent the first week exploring the story Captain Sparklebeard, and we even made our own fantastic, sparkly, dazzling, glittery, fluffy beards! 

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  • African Art

    Published 14/07/22

    As part of our Off on Safari topic, Year 1 made African Kente cloths using repeated patterns and lots of bright colours. Don't they look amazing? 

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  • Laurel's Forest School Adventure!

    Published 17/06/22

    Laurel Class really enjoyed today's forest school experience! We retold fairytale by making the scene out of natural resources and creating our own clay characters. It was so much fun! We also created charcoal pictures which turned out amazing! We went on the giant swing and finish off with some nice ice lollies to cool us down on such a hot, sunny day! Laurel Class said, "It was the best day ever!!" 

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  • Bug Hunt!

    Published 26/05/22

    In our Science lesson this week, we have been learning about invertebrates. We went on bug hunt to see if we could find any on our school grounds. We loved going into Forest School to search for bugs living under logs. Don't worry, we made sure we put all the logs back carefully! 

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  • Our Clay Sculptures

    Published 26/05/22

    As part of our topic Extinct and Endangered Animals, Year 1 created fantastic clay sculptures of an endangered animal. Can you guess what we are making? 

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  • Art - Printing

    Published 04/05/22

    What amazing repeating patterns! Year 1 used polystyrene and carved their own pattern into it. They then used a pressing roller to print their pattern into their sketch books in art. 

    They all looked absolutely incredible :)

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  • Wacky Windmills - Group 2

    Published 06/04/22

    Wow!! Look at these amazing windmills the children made during Design Technology this term. They created a design, made it and then evaluated it! Very impressive!

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