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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Welcome to Year One!

The Rabbit Problem

We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks getting to know our new teachers, classrooms and routines. We have all settled in brilliantly and are looking forward to the adventures Year One will bring.

We have already been up to lots of exciting things but most importantly, we have been searching for a missing rabbit. A local farmer named Farmer Fibbonaci left a letter with the office last week, explaining that he had lost Derek, his rabbit, and that he thinks he is somewhere in school. He asked if Year One could help to find him so, being the kind, helpful people we are, we of course said yes! We have since written questions to Farmer Fibonnaci asking for more information, been on a rabbit hunt around school looking out for any clues that Derek might be around and written sentences about where we think he might be. We spotted ripped up paper, nibbled leaves, rabbit droppings and rabbit fur, but unfortunately still no Derek... yet! On Friday we decided to make 'Wanted' posters to put up around school so that everybody can keep an eye out for him. This week we are going to put together a news broadcast so that everybody can help us. Lots of the children have been spending their lunch times looking for clues on the playground and a few think they may have actually spotted Derek! Hopefully we will find him soon. We will keep you updated.

As well as searching for Derek, we have also been doing lots of work on number this week - counting, ordering and finding one more and one less than a given number. We are superstar mathematicians. In Science we shared our baby photos, discussed what had changed about ourselves and why we might not recognise each other from our baby photos. We named our body parts and labelled them on a picture.

Please keep reading our blog to hear about our adventures in the coming weeks.