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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Shapes and the problem of the cold rabbit

2D shape houses! Which 2D shapes can you see?

We got off to an exciting start this week as we had a poet called James Carter come in on Monday to share some of his poems with us. We enjoyed joining in as he read Splish Splash Splosh and we pulled our best funny face as he read Funny Faces to us.

In Create this week, we have been trying to solve the 'cold rabbit problem', thinking of ways to keep the rabbit warm. We talked about different materials we could use to keep the rabbit warm and created an item of clothing which we tested out on our own toys and teddies! We also designed a shelter for the rabbit and labelled it to show which materials we would use. We think we have definitely solved the rabbit's problem!

In Numeracy this week, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Miss Merrick and Miss Sloan were amazed at how brilliant we were at naming all of the shapes. We made 2D shape houses, went on a shape hunt and had a go at making 3D shapes out of play dough. We had great fun!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!