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Paddox Primary School

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Incredible Instructions!

This week we have been learning all about instructions!

Year 2 have had a brilliant week learning all about bossy verbs, time words and rhetorical questions, sounds great doesn't it?

We have been reading the child favourite (Mr Baldwin's too) 'Zog' and thinking about how hard Madam Dragon worked at dragon school. She really did have her claws full and that was just with a few dragons! So we decided as a year group that we would help her out, we realised that if we looked at her lessons and converted them into instructions she could help teach dragons all around the globe. 

With our English thinking hats on we set to the task, broke up the lessons and created some wonderful instructional pieces of writing. There were sets of instructions soon zig zagging off into the blue (via dragon mail of course) to help new young dragons master the delights of:

Fire Breathing


Catching Princesses 

Fighting Knights