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If we could have but a fraction of your time...

In Maths, this week we have moved onto Fractions! Year 2 have been working hard to identify parts and wholes in relation to objects and pictures and have started to apply this knowledge to numbers that they are comfortable with. The children have been very good at spotting those equal and unequal parts too! No more shall anyone in Year 2 be cheated out of a dodgey half of something, each half has to be equal otherwise it isn't a half...

In English, we have been using the knowledge that we have gathered about Florence Nightingale to create a biography all about her life. This has included key information such as when she was born and when she died, her most famous achievements and facts about her that explain why she was such a briliiant, caring and revolutionary woman.

In Topic, we have been looking at our first historical enquiry where Year 2 were given pictures of hospitals showing before and after Florence Nightingale's arrival at the Crimean war. The children had to discuss the differences they could see and explain how Florence's changes to the hospital had positive impacts. We were blown away by some of the oracy skills the children displayed and enjoyed taking part in engaging discussions and debates about Florence's work.

Mr Baldwin enjoyed playing devil's advocate and telling the children he thought she was a rubbish person (sorry Florence!) and that they had to convince him to change his mind using facts and evidence from the pictures.