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We promise this blog won't be a lengthy one! 

This week Year 2 have started a new topic in Maths and that’s right, it’s all about measurement! 

We have had a lot of fun exploring the school field and playground finding things that are: taller, wider, shorter and longer than we are. We also used this fun practical activity to learn about metres and how long they really are. It’s amazing to find out that all adults aren’t really 4 metres tall! 

In English, we are getting stuck into our new ‘Visitors from Afar’ topic and creating imaginative diary entries based around the beautifully illustrated book, “The Great Balloon Hullaballoo”. The children are creating their own ideas of different space food they must find, it’s great to see their imaginations know no bound! Wouldn’t you just love to tuck into some sizzling Saturn sausages? Or perhaps a spicy space pepper from Mars? 

In our topic lessons we have started looking at designing felt sock puppets. Year 2 enjoyed drawing and creating an idea that will eventually come to a socky reality, but  the alien visions of your children remain only in paper…for now!