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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


If we were in charge of the school…now there’s a scary thought! How does Monday – Wednesday sound for the school week?

It’s been another fantastic week in Year 2 and once again we can report that creativity is continuing to soar and thrive. We have moved on from our wonderful diaries and are now delving deep into non-rhyming poetry. Our inspiration is the poem, “If I were in charge of the school”. We have looked at the format of the poem and investigated structure, writing techniques and punctuation. Year 2 have done a wonderful job of thinking of things they would change if they were in charge of the school. Apparently early morning starts is on a lot of their lists! Mind you, we wouldn’t grumble at a 10:00am start and a 2:00pm finish…the children’s words not ours!  

In Maths, we quite literally have moved in another direction…because we have started looking at direction! This week’s maths involves left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards and so on. The temptation to learn the cha cha slide was there, but we just couldn’t find the right national curriculum strand! Left and right has been a tricky topic for some of our children so any support you can offer with this at home would be great!  

Topic socks are coming along nicely, the Year 2 classrooms have been a whirlwind of scissors and felt as your children have carefully cut tentacles, eyes, hair and all sorts of alien parts that will be ready for the assembly line next week! A mixture of stitching (attempts) and hot glue will help bring these magnificent monsters…erm creations to life! It does make us wonder if we accidentally left a Mary Shelley novel lying around…