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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

29th June to 3rd July 

A trip to the Zoo!

What a wonderful week we have had in Year 2!

The children were absolutely fantastic at the Zoo on Tuesday. Myself and all the staff were very impressed with both their behaviour and their interest in the animals. Although it was hot we managed really well, moving from shade to shade and regularly drinking water. In particular the elephants, giraffes and butterfly house were favourites of the children. They asked lots of questions and took turns when looking at the enclosures, which was really helpful and kind.

On Wednesday we had a teddy bear day in Year 2 which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We shared our bears with each other, telling stories about them. We then described our bears characters and appearance, thinking about what they would be like if they could talk. We also made teddy bear masks, which some children wore to the picnic that evening. The Teddy Bears picnic after school appeared to be a great success! It was very hot, however I think all the children managed really well and definitely enjoyed being able to have a snack on the field!

Also this week we have been learning some more about tessellation, this time making our own shapes to tessellate, which is really quite tricky! However we persevered and in the end have produced some fantastic pieces of work. Continuing in the spirit of our work on Escher we have begun to make patterned hands. These require lots of concentration to create a detailed image. We will hopefully finish these next week by adding colour.

On Friday we had an assembly all about reading! We discussed books that we enjoyed and when and where we liked to read. We also started a sponsored read to see which child in each class can read the most in a week! I am sure that with all the excellent readers we have in Year 2 we will manage to clock up quite a few hours!