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Paddox Primary School

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Whistling Jack Drama

Whistling Jack

This week we read more of our book 'Whistling Jack' about a man called Jack who lives with his beloved dog Roger on a canal boat.

In the story, poor Roger gets lost! We worked in groups to role play some of the characters in the story who try to help Roger and imagined what they might have said. Each group had an 'adverb advisor' who suggested how each character might have talked, e.g. kindly, gently, irritably.

We then transformed our speech into sentences (thinking about our punctuation and adverbs!), and put them on our working wall.

Next week we will be coming to the end of the story. We hope Roger finds his way back to Whistling Jack!

Year 3 have, once again, produced some amazing homework this week! It was lovely to see so many pictures (and even a video!) of canals and narrowboats. Well done!

This week's homework is at the bottom of this blog for anyone who has missed it!

Have a lovely weekend. :)