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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

How do we measure up?

Measuring in centimetres and millimetres

This week in numeracy, Year 3 have been measuring everyday objects in both centimetres and millimetres. This also forms part of our homework (see below) so if you see your child measuring the cat, you know who to blame!

In art we've been studying the work of Antonio Gaudi and looking at lots of pictures of his sculptures. Do you know which city they're in? Ask any Year 3 child and they'll tell you it's Barcelona. We've been trying to do pencil drawings of some of his buildings (tricky!) and next week we'll be recreating some of the mosaic designs he created.

Next week is Science Week at Paddox and so not only have we been learning all the songs for our Year 3&4 production, we've also been learning a song based on our science topic this half-term - Light. All the classes will be performing their songs in a grand sing-off on Friday, which is also Sports Relief day when we will be asking the children to come to school in sportswear for a day full of sport-based activities.