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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Don't tip the ship!

How many marbles will it take to tip the ship?

Today, Josie made an amazing narrow boat model called 'Star Shine' out of a plastic milk bottle, cereal box and tin foil. She used marbles to test how much cargo her boat could carry in a bowl of water before it sunk. Josie found out that it took 14 marbles to make her boat sink to one side and it would have taken another 3 for it to sink completely. She loves her boat so much, she didn't want to sink it (I don't blame you - it is wonderful!)

 Top tip: Josie found that marbles were a bit difficult to use as they rolled around the boat a bit too much. She has decided that next time, she would use cubes as they don't roll. Well done Josie - great thinking!