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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

News interviews

Hard-hitting questions were delivered during our news interviews!

This week we have been reading more of "Oliver and The Seawigs" and wondering what Oliver's parents might say if they were interviewed about their actions. Look out Jeremy Paxman!

In maths this week we've been making 3D shapes from art-straws and for our homework we've been asked to find as many around the home as possible. We've also studied the deserts of the world and wondering if we'd like to live there, as well as looking at some of the world's tallest mountains and finding out more about them and where they are in the world. 

Next week we've been invited to play rugby up at St Andrew's training ground and it's also the harvest festival in St George's Church. So there's plenty more to look forward to before the end of this half term, including whether Oliver ever finds his parents again.