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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Play scripts

Year 3 recreate a scene from "The Tempest".

This week we have been writing and acting out playscripts. We took as our inspiration Act 3 of The Tempest where Prospero creates a banquet before magically makingit disappear in order to teach Sebastian, Antonio and Alonso a lesson. The children wrote a playscript, together with stage directions, and acted it out. 

In Science we created our own investigations about magnets and forces and we learnt how to play a playground game in case we run out of things to do at breaktime.

But the highlight of the week was definitely the pantomime (oh no, it wasn't! Oh yes it was!). Everyone who went had a great time and we shouted ourselves hoarse helping Dick become Lord Mayor of London despite the best efforts of the Rat Queen.