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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

A walk around the local area

Hillmorton's human and physical features!

Year 3, and their crazy aunts, uncles, nans and grandads, have been transported to an imaginary world as part of our work on adventure stories this week. We have put all of our work, celebrating different British authors, together to write an exciting story, set in school where they a discover a portal and go on a journey to an unknown land. Here they encounter their mythical beast as they try to make their way back to school because they love it so much!!

On Wednesday, we had a visit from Jason Moss, from Rugby FM, who shared his new book, 'Smell and Bogey'. While he was here, he recorded us singing the chorus to the Rugby World Cup Song. Listen out for us as we make our way to the top of the charts!

On Thursday, to continue our work on topographical features in Warwickshire, we went for a walk around Hillmorton to enjoy the sunshine! While we were out, we decided to do some work as it was school time, so we looked out for and sketched the human and physical features of our local area.