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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Spectacular Science

Year 3 have been enjoying some spectacular Science lessons this half-term with hands on experiments and investigations. The children have been investigating if the shape of a magnet affects its strength, and also whether the size of a magnet affects its strength by seeing how many paper clips different shaped and sized magnets can hold. The children have really impressed us with their enthusiasm and the respect they show during these scientific experiments. Their predictions and conclusions have been full of scientific vocabulary, and they have grasped the concept of 'Fair Testing'. 


Last week, the children took part in an investigation to find out how water travels through plants. Firstly, we looked at Transpiration using celery and water mixed with food colouring - we couldn't believe that water defies gravity and travels up through a plant from the roots to the leaves! The leaves of the celery changed colour and showed clearly how Transpiration takes place. We then made a 'Walking Rainbow' showing how capillary action happens in plants. We used three containers filled with coloured water and three empty containers. The kitchen roll connected our containers and the small air gaps acted like tubes, transferring water from one container to another! It was amazing to watch - and so colourful!