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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

How Does a Robot Dog Work?

Have you ever wondered how a robotic pet would enhance your life? Well, Year 3 have been finding out all about this, as part of our English focus on 'Explanatory Texts'. 

The children have been busy learning how to use technical language, cause and effect language, hyperboles and disclaimers within their written work - a different concept to Narratives, but one that has been embraced by all the children, nevertheless. 

We had great fun designing our own 'Dog Food' brand (thank you for all the cereal boxes you provided!). There were some great designs - and who knows we might see some of them in a supermarket very soon! 

The children are ending our focus on 'Explanatory Texts' this week by designing their own robotic pet and completing their very own Explanatory Text. We've had some really brilliant ideas so far- and wish we could get hold of some of these robotic pets for ourselves!