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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Easter Experience

Easter Experience

This week we have been to the Easter Experience at the Paddox Methodist Church. 

Here is what Oliver from Pear Class thought about it:

We went to Paddox Methodist Church. At the start we waved flags for Jesus on a donkey. Then we heard a story about Mary giving perfume to Jesus. Then we watched Jesus clean Peter's feet. They also drank wine and bread. Then a lady told us a story about Jesus dying on the cross. Then we played the part when Jesus came back to life.

Some people were guards who fell on the floor because of an earthquake. They weren't very good guards! Then we went to Jesus' tomb and got a chocolate egg at the end! It was better than maths!!!


Cece said:

Today we did something I was not expecting we went to Paddox Methodist Church and we were told a story. Then we waved flags and pretended Jesus was there. Then we got to go to an upper room and saw people wash each other's feet. Next we acted out the Easter story and the guards were very funny. After that, we got to take a stone and draw a picture. Finally we went to St George's Church and listened to another story.