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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Autumn week 10

Autumn Week 10

It's Friday again! Lets see what our enthuasiastic Year 4's have been up to this week.

This week has flown by with all the exciting learning that has been taking place. Year 4 have started looking at persuasive writing and developing their own understanding of how persuasion works. The children have looked at rich and powerful vocabulary, the effect of rhetorical questions and many other ways to entice a reader. Therefore, don't be too surprised if you notice your children starting to get their own way a little more often and a little easier, its just their power of persuasion!

In Numeracy we have been tackling the tricky art of translation and find our route with coordinates. Despite some ambivalance to begin with, Year 4 have powered through those corridors and ran straight to the top of those stairs.

Science has continued to look at the world of electricity, the children have thoroughly enjoyed building their own electrical circuits. We really saw some children's light switch on this week, others were buzzing for more power and some just couldn't switch off their enthusiasm!

So all in all, a positive week for Year 4.