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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Autumn Week 11

Autumn Week 11

Again we come to the end of another week, despite December and Christmas holidays appearing in the not so far distance, the children have remained incredibly focused.

This week Year 4 have secured their understanding of persuasive writing and created their own persuasive leaflet. Their leaflets draw on all the skills they have looked at and experimented with across the past two weeks, with all of their literary features and research being finally focused on Snowdonia. Perhaps your children may be able to convince you to venture across the border and visit Snowdonia together? We've become very aware of a certain Zip line experience, something about a valley, the biggest one in Europe and what was the last bit...Ah! That was it, the ride travels at 100mph! 

In Numeracy this week children have returned their attention to addition and using the column method. They have focused on this formal written method and proved just how confident they are with their numbers. Let's just remember to carry over those extra ones! The best thing about column addition is, it's a really easy one to practice at home. Why not the children out and see how they do?

Science this week reviewed Year 4's electricity topic. The children explained how they would build a working circuit through a set of instructions they had to devise. 

Well, that brings us to the end of another busy week. I wonder what will happen in Week 12?