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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Autumn Week 12

Autumn Week 12

It's that time of the week again! Friday is here, as it the round up of this weeks activities.

This week our Year 4 children have turned their focus from persuasion to description. Looking back at their playscripts the children realised they still had some fantastic ideas to share and put to paper. Using their previous playscript stories, Year 4 have started to plan a narrative around the same story except this time exchanging colons and brackets for powerful and descriptive vocabulary. Next week they will put all of their hard work, ideas and plans into place when they write their own narrative.

Numeracy has focused on mathematical investigations this week. How many different ways are there to make 9 using 3 numbers? How many different ice cream flavour combinations is it possible to make? How many blocks does a pyramid need? All of these bizarre but intriguing questions have been answered this week. Our investigations used a range of the children's knowledge and mathematical understanding.

Year 4 have also had the chance to pur their orienteering skills to the test by navigating the school to find hidden numbers. While each group took their turn to explore and navigate the remaining children honed both their coordinate and grid reference reading skills through the artful war of battleships and a second activity where players try to occupy more land than their opponents.

Now we look forward to next week, where another 5 days of exciting learning awaits.