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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Spring Week 2

Spring Week 2 13/01/17

Year 4 would like to welcome you to the first half of the spring term and hope that you all had a restful break over the holiday period. 

We've survived our first full week back at school. Brains are back in gear, pens flowing with ink and books filling with creativity. This week has flown by but that's mostly due to Year 4 coming back to refreshed and ready to learn. 

This week we have introduced our new term focus of 'Create' and our first inspirational artist, the weird but wonderful Arcimboldo, he would have definitely made use of Aldi's cheap fruit and veg. With the inspiration of a famous artist Year 4 have turned their literay attention to the biography text type. The children have been learning about different features that are included in a biography and have even had a go at creating a biography for their class partner. 

In Numeracy, Year 4 have focused on converting measures from grams to kilograms and rounding their measures up and down. The decimal aspect of this topic intially proved challenging but after a few examples and a bit of explanation we can confidently say Year 4 got the point.

All in all, it has been a very positive week at Paddox and we all look forward to the next.