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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Spring Week 3

Spring Week 3

Friday already?

It's been another busy week at Paddox and Year 4 as always, have been hard at work.

In literacy this week, Year 4 have been creating a final version of their Arcimboldo biography. Using their fantastic literary skills they have produced some fantastic work that informs the reader all about Arcimboldo and his work. As we drew towards the end of their writing it was clear that each child in year 4 had their own opinion as to whether or not Arcimboldo was truly weird, wonderful or just a little bit fruity.

In Numeracy, the children have been reviewing their understanding of times tables, factors and multiples. It's been challenging work thats divided opinions but the final product was as we calculated.

In Art, Year 4 have been sketching and using water colours to create fantastic images of fruit and vegetables that were inspired by Arcimboldo. There were a few outlines that went a bit 'pear' shaped and a few 'leeky' paint pots but it will take a but more than a few hiccups to 'squash' our enthusiasm.

Here's to a fantastic week!