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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Spring Week 4

Spring Week 4

Friday again already? The time seems to fly by at Paddox Primary.

This week in Literacy, Year 4 have been learning all about narratives with a twist and the key features a narrative has to include. Using 'The incredible painting of Felix Clousseau' as our inspiration the children have been developing their own character and setting for a narrative with a twist that they will write next week. Similar to Arcimboldo, things with Felix are not all they seem. Felix has a way of bringing life to the page, his paintings really jump out at you if you take long enough to stare. 

In Numeracy this week's focus has been strictly on our school's written method for multiplication. Using Year 4's knowledge of timetables and column format we have looked at multiplying 2 digit numbers by single digits and 3 digit numbers by single digits. 

In Art, Year 4 have been sketching outlines of faces and adding detail by sketching different fruits and vegetables onto their faces. We've seen a few red tomato cheeks, some cheeky banana smiles, a couple ears of corn and oddly enough some carrot noses. All of which look fantastic so far, which we're sure will look even better once the children get to add a bit of water colour to enhance their creative visions.