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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Spring 2 24.03.17

Spring 2 24.03.17

Year 4 have once again been hard at work.

Alongside hard work on rehersals and developing their acting skills, Year 4 have been looking at measuring different lengths in Numeracy and looking at instructions in their Literacy.

Numeracy has been quite typical this week and the children have put their mathematical minds to the challenge once again. Year 4 have converted measures using both decimals and fractions and have worked on their rounding skills using mm, cm, m and km.

This week's Literacy has looked at developing Year 4's understanding of instructions. We have examined example texts and even had a go at instructing partners across the playground. This at first may seem rather mundane and simple but Year 4 stepped up their challenge by instructing their partner blindfolded! Manuvering the playground was easy to begin with, it was avoiding the other children that posed an additional challenge, a challenge however that was easily overcome by young instructors with the thirst for success. Some children even managed to instruct their blind partner to sit on a bench or log with no casualty.

All in all, a busy week but raging success!