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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Summer 1 05.05.17

Summer 1 05.05.17

Somehow we are already at the end of our second week of the summer term, how the time flies by is no mystery when Year 4 have enough energy that rest breaks are a thing of the past.

This week Year 4 have had an excellent time exploring their history topic both in class and in the local area. Our Victorian topic has led us down old disused railways, disused public toilets and quite pleasingly an old pub! Yes, we have been exploring the wonderful world of Victorian Rugby Town, fortunately for our children, some key historical features of our town are still standing and therefore still visible today!

When Year 4 were not out and about, they were in their classroom learning all about life for Victorian children and about the dreaded Victorian workhouses. In addition to all of this fantastic learning, we have had the excitement of some fantastic pieces of homework. Year 4 seem captivated by the close relation between Queen Victoria and her closely related spouse!

All in all a great week!