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Science - food webs

Science - food chains and food webs

This week in Year 4, we have been learning about food chains and food webs as part of our science topic on 'living things in their habitats'.

We looked at food webs in arctic, coastal and woodland habitats and learnt about how energy was passed through the habitat.

To show how dependent all the living things were on each other, we created food webs with string. Each of us held a card to represent a living thing in that habitat, such as decaying leaves, grass, earthworms, rabbits, foxes and blue tits. We passed the string across the circle to show all the food chains in the habitat and how they linked together. When one of us jiggled the string, lots of other people felt the movement which showed how if one living thing was affected it would have a big impact across the habitat.

What food chains and food webs are in your garden habitat? What might happen if a tree was chopped down or the worms were all taken away?