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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Singing Playgrounds!

Is there a better way of bringing children, of all ages, together, then through song? Children in year 5 have been given the responsibility of being song leaders at breaktimes, tasked with leading and engaging children through song!

Once you've heard the songs, as well as we sing them, you can't un-hear them or forget them - they've been stuck in Mr Patel's head for weeks!! If only he could sing in time with the rhythm, or even in tune!

We enjoy going out onto the playgrounds and encouraging the children to listen, play together and enjoy. We had a whole school assembly which introduced the 'Singing playgrounds' to the school, and each class had a visit from a song leader who taught them new songs with actions to go with them. It was great fun, everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves.