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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Hurricane Hits Paddox!!

We have been learning about different types of 'Wild Weather' this term, and looked at how hurricances are formed and what to do in the (unlikely) event of a hurricane!!

Windows rattled, doors angrily slammed shut and the sky grew darker and more menacing as a hurricane rapidly surrounded Paddox Primary School. What should we do? Luckily, we had been well trained in the event of a hurricane emergency and we walked downstairs and gathered in a classroom on the bottom floor. Before the hurricane engulfed Paddox, we ran outside and collected all loose things, so that they couldn't be thrown against the windows and doors. Any loose items were put in the sink (our equivalent to a bathtub), and most large things were gathered in the middle of the classroom. Once we had barricaded the windows shut using plywood and strategically placed sellotape on any glass, we waited nervously under tables as winds became fiercer, until they stopped. We were safe!!