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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Terrific Thursdays

On Thursdays this term, half the class will do Food Technology, creating culinary cuisines from Japan and France (where our link schools in Year 5 are based) while the other half, instead of doing Forest School (which we will get to do in the Summer term this year) will do Outdoor Science investigations – this means we get to make a mess and don’t have to tidy it up as it’s outside – it’s nature's and Mr Rouse’s problem!!

When Mr Patel showed us what he’d bought for the experiment we all thought we were just going to watch a film and drink Coke (diet of course – all part of a healthy, balanced diet) and eat Mentos to ensure fresh breath. Who knew we could use them to create an explosion of liquid – Mentos in Diet Coke – we’ve never seen Mr Patel run so fast. We put Mentos in Diet Coke to see if more or less Mentos would create a bigger ‘geyser’. We also had different volumes of Diet Coke to see if more Coke caused a bigger explosion.

If you can’t tell, we’ve also been working on using brackets for parenthesis in Literacy!!