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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Schools in WW1

Our classroom got turned into a classroom during World War One - we sat in rows, Mr Patel was near the heater (and to make it more authentic he opened the windows at the back so all the children were cold!) and we wrote using chalk.

Fortunately, we are not children during World War One - otherwise we'd have to start school at 7.50am and it wouldn't finish until 4.30pm! We started by 'learning' our times tables by copying and  chanting them. We then did some Geography where we learned/copied the countries in the British Empire that helped us during World War One by sending soldiers to fight on the Front Line. We did some work about gardening, learning/copying the top tips to help grow your own vegetable patch and finished the day by doing PE, although all we did was march and stretch.