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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Super Science Dome!

In a galaxy far far away we were lucky to go into the Science Dome which transported us into the Solar System, where we looked at the different planets, stars, constellations and The Milky Way (not the chocolate!).

After looking at how the the Earth orbits the Sun and how the Moon orbits Earth, we went back to class and did lots of activities to learn about the Moon. While we didn't get to eat a milky way in the dome, we did get to eat Jaffa Cakes (for learning . . . honestly) to represent the eight phases of the moon.

We then conducted an experiment to learn about the craters of the moon. We used flour to represent the moon's surface and experimented dropping different sized marbles into the moon to see what creates the biggest 'crater' - the size of the 'meteor' or the distance it has travelled.