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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Polar Fair!!

We've taken inspiration from the book - Shackleton's Journey - and looked to raise money like he did when he was planning his expedition to Antarctica.

We wanted to experience how Shackleton felt when he needed to raise money to purchase Endurance, his ship which he used to travel to Antarctica.

We were learning about the different types of letters in Literacy and wrote to our parents asking for their permission to stay after-school to run a fair to raise money to sponsor a Polar Bear. Polar Bear's are endangered because their home is melting as a result of global warming. We decided what to order, make and design, worked out how much to charge and made badges, snowglobes and bookmarks to sell. We held a bake sale at breaktime and then the Polar Fair after-school. We raised a whopping £629.94!!