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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Back to the Future!

On Wednesday, when half of the school went to St George's for our Christmas Carol Service (which was awesome and got everyone in the Christmas mood!), the other half experienced what school was like for children in World War One! Mr Patel hoped it would make them appreciate him more (because the teachers were so strict), but sadly (for him) it didn't!

On Wednesday morning, we were taught the different lessons the children were taught in World War One. We were taught Maths, where we copied (in chalk) and chanted the times tables; Spellings, where we copied the spellings; Geography, where we copied out the countries under British Rule in 1914 and PE, where we did some stretches. We weren't allowed to do anything in class, like Michael Rosen's poem, 'No Breathing in Class', we had to stand behind our desk, work in silence and walk/march in silence around school - Mr Patel loved it, we hated it!