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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Eat, Sleep, Measure, Repeat!

Evaporation, condensation, dissolving - we love a multi-syllabic word in Year 5 - we use them just to show how clever we are! In Explore, we have been learning about developed and developing countries, comparing North and South America, and in Science we learned about the lengths some people in developing countries go to to get clean water. We will be investigating the best way to filter dirty water to get clean water next week. 

In Literacy we watched Holes to learn more about deserts and have done some reading work based on it. We even had Louis Sachar (it wasn't really him, we just pretended we were him), author of Holes, come visit us in our classrooms to answer some of the questions we had about the text. 

The title of our blog is linked to our Maths work this week where we have been identifying, measuring and drawing angles.