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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Fun during Assessment/DT Week!

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Even though Year 6 had a go at their first ever practise SATs papers (which they were fantastic at, by the way), they still had fun last week as they took part in a DT project linked to our World War II topic. The year group were challenged to make Anderson Shelters! Not only did they need to create their models, they had to ensure they were strong enough to hold a 1kg weight, and be waterproof.

After they designed and created their shelters, the teachers then tested if they were strong and waterproof by placing 1kg weights on them, and pouring water on top of them! It was great fun and the children really enjoyed the project. They ended it all by evaluating their shelters and creating exploding diagrams to show the different components that made up their finished shelters. Well done Year 6!