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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Marle Hall Day Two - the activities begin!

A day when we discovered something new!

Today, we spent the day exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside! Each group took part in a range of activities, including BLT (Bell, Leap, Trapeze), River Gorging, Canoeing, Bushcraft and Rock-pooling. We definitely pushed ourselves and challenged ourselves in areas we have never experienced before. It was so much fun, and we are all definitely feeling a bit tired this evening! 

Mrs Le Poidevin decided to come and visit us, and joined us for an evening of lasagne and garlic bread. She even remembered to pick up some doughnuts for us along the way! 

Here are some comments from us about Marle Hall so far:

"Canoeing was so fun because we had a good laugh when we got to jump in the water!" Jacob A

"The views are outstanding!" Faye B

"I liked jumping on the trapeze because of the thrill of flying." Luke W

"The activities are awesome! It makes me want to stay here. I can't wait for the next activity!" Carina V

"Being the smallest in the year hasn't let me down. You just have to trust your team." Millie B and Abigail B

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!